At the close…..

I admitted to being a bit shit in the first game, so it comes as no surprise that I was dropped for our second encounter against the The Black Horse. After some time with a few under 5s, pints of Red Stripe with friends and witnessing the Butterfly of Love painted on the faces of young, youngish and old I took to the stunning domicile of my other brother’s 4-manner, replete with thick foam mattress, double duvet and north Indian throw. Thicker twill from the north, what with the mountains and stuff. For the record, the Stray Hounds look good, as do The Black Horse and The King’s Head. Our test side look awesome, taking 14 for just 115, a score just short of the record at our tournament, where each innings is just 7 overs. Quote of the day was delivered after a superb catch from an unexpected source, clutching his heart “I wish I’d not had that line.” I’ll be back tomorrow.

The Cricker’s Arms

The Stray Hound just put paid to the initial ambitions of the late entries of Paddy’s VIII. Intermittent sunshine is being peppered with theological witterings of the stoned (apparently the god of cricket would be Thor, hammering runs with his Mjolnir) and the arrival of my godson Charlie. He has just demolished masses of strawberries and is not too upset by a breadstick replacement. Lllllanlllllogen bay, Wales’ everpresent representatives are up against the scarlet and yellow pyjamas of The Crown from Frampton Mansell, don’t know how they’re doing as I’m getting a load of shit for being on a computer. To The Cricketer’s Arms……

Sticky Wicket

Well, The Crown & Sceptre got something of a lesson from The King’s Head who posted 82 from their 7 overs. Despite carving 22 from the first two overs in reply, we just couldn’t find a rhythm on the sticky wicket, the ball hanging after it pitched deceiving us into early shots and the occasional leg bye, or some fine line & length at the end – I faced the bowling at the death, eeking out a mishit single to avoid my duck. The Ram are currently bowling at The Black Horse, considered joint favourites, along with our conquerors The King’s Head. We’re all in the same group and there’s isn’t much banter to be had with the big boys; however, The Ram is managed by my brother and the chat can be barbed and as witty as 10 vaguely drunk blokes scampering hopelessly after the cherry and their youth can be. The media centre here at Miserden is ticking over lovely old job, just waiting for an old dear to arrive with a TMS cake. Marvellous. I was going to post a picture, but the connection is a little ragged – suffice to say, whilst it doesn’t quite rival the Rogers (or that other English bloke) centre at Lords.

Miserden Super 8s Cricket; the beginning.

It’s a beautiful day here, up in the heavens of the Cotswolds at the Miserden ground. The sun is burning the overnight dew from the outfield, the track is being rolled by a Bomag more accustomed to flattening tarmac and the anticipation of the 9 o’clock start is palpable. Most are agreed that the August Bank Holiday is blocked off every year for the annual Cricket Super 8s tournament, blessed with bright sunshine for its sixth year. To begin proceeding, The Crown & Sceptre of Stroud are taking on France Lynch’s King’s Head. Match reports will follow, and if you happen to be in the area, pop up for a pint in The Cricket Arms, enjoy a bacon sarnie and a romp on the bouncy castle. Kudos to Trott and Broad yesterday, and to young Amir; cricket looks set to be the winner this weekend.