Sticky Wicket

Well, The Crown & Sceptre got something of a lesson from The King’s Head who posted 82 from their 7 overs. Despite carving 22 from the first two overs in reply, we just couldn’t find a rhythm on the sticky wicket, the ball hanging after it pitched deceiving us into early shots and the occasional leg bye, or some fine line & length at the end – I faced the bowling at the death, eeking out a mishit single to avoid my duck. The Ram are currently bowling at The Black Horse, considered joint favourites, along with our conquerors The King’s Head. We’re all in the same group and there’s isn’t much banter to be had with the big boys; however, The Ram is managed by my brother and the chat can be barbed and as witty as 10 vaguely drunk blokes scampering hopelessly after the cherry and their youth can be. The media centre here at Miserden is ticking over lovely old job, just waiting for an old dear to arrive with a TMS cake. Marvellous. I was going to post a picture, but the connection is a little ragged – suffice to say, whilst it doesn’t quite rival the Rogers (or that other English bloke) centre at Lords.

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