If you’ve found yourself on this page then you need to search for something specific, or take a look at anything. That might result in disappointment, though.

4 thoughts on “about”

  1. Ok, so I’ve arrived here and appreciate the welcome : ) But there’s not a lot of observation in my observation, except that the word observation has an “r” missing. So I wonder what life would be like if all the “r”s went missing … Pehaps it’d be eally ather inteesting o intiguing. Methinks I should etie for the night as my bain is appaently ove tied so I’m witing complete jibbeish!

  2. Hee. Nothing like a good dinking session to free the mind and soothe the soul! But actually no, not unless you count tea and water. It’s simply my natural tendency to reflect on the “what if”s of this world. And I’ve concluded that “r”s r needed : )

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